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Scotland…land where unicorns are real

Before I kick-off this post, I want to share something important I learned from this trip. I never understood the difference between UK, Great Britain, Britain, and England. Why are there so many interchangeable names? Essentially, it’s countries within a country UK (United Kingdom)- refers to union of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Republic of… Read More Scotland…land where unicorns are real

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Skytrekr Europe 2015

Hello!!! Sorry for being MIA for so long! I’ve been traveling around Europe for the last 4 months and barely opened my laptop (which was kind of awesome). I was all about skytrekking! What does skytrekking mean? It means being in the moment! The sky’s the limit and we want to see everything (one day)!!!… Read More Skytrekr Europe 2015