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Roaming around Mongolia

[03.2015] Mongolia is definitely not for the faint of hearts! It’s one of those countries that I’d put a disclaimer on! Highly recommend it, but *Must be ok with off roading, not showering, and eating strange food.* Check out some of my previous posts about volunteering and traveling around Mongolia! Volunteering in Mongolia   Four… Read More Roaming around Mongolia

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Volunteering in Mongolia

From traveling around Southeast Asia, I saw so much poverty and children who do not have the opportunity for education, so I wanted to give some of my time to help. After researching numerous programs and countries, I finally settled what appeared to be a great orphanage program in Mongolia, Love Volunteer (LV), who collaborated with the… Read More Volunteering in Mongolia

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How to take a taxi in Mongolia

Hitchhiking is the way of life in Mongolia. Out in the countryside, where there are few cars, everyone seems to stop to help a hitchhiker. This has continued even in the city, Ulaan Bataar. There are few official taxis around and that’s because everyone can be a taxi driver. I think this is where uber… Read More How to take a taxi in Mongolia