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[Day 8] Joshua Tree, California

[12.2016] Look how majestic my pup looks! Ok…got sidetracked! Joshua Tree is a great day trip from Los Angeles or if you have more time, camp and sleep under the stars. Since this is my first time in Joshua Tree, we took a drive around the park exploring various stops. There are lots of short… Read More [Day 8] Joshua Tree, California

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[Day 7] Ice Cave, Iceland

[03.2017] The landscape of Iceland is so unique…maybe because I don’t go to many cold places. But even in the winter, there are so much to do outdoor- frozen waterfalls, geysir, Golden Triangle, Blue Lagoon, icebergs, and ice cave! I thought the ice cave was so cool, because it forms in cold weather and is… Read More [Day 7] Ice Cave, Iceland

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[Day 6] Vancouver, Canada

[08.2017] Stanley Park Seawall, Vancouver, Canada. This may be a strange since I’m going backwards in time, but the last three posts were all from my road trip from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland. So this is the first stop of my trip! I really enjoyed Vancouver and could see myself living here. The Canadians… Read More [Day 6] Vancouver, Canada