About Joy

In case you didn’t catch it, my name is Joy! I’m sometimes described as “joyfully loud”! I love to travel and will share my adventures with you here! 

Some life changing trips: 

  • July 2009: Hydra, Greece…my first big trip to my dream location. I lived in Greece while studying abroad for a month.
  • 2009- 2010: Taiwan...a whole year of “studying”, which really means frolicking around Taiwan with friends. Getting to know my cultures better!
  • 2013- 2015: Singapore…living and working abroad! Also, hopping around South East Asia!
  • April 2015: Mongolia…volunteering in a local village teaching English- living like a true nomad for a whole months (which means not showering for days at a time, super glamorous!)
  • May- Oct 2015: Europe…first time solo traveling, carrying a backpack about the same size as me around 18 European countries.
  • Oct 2015: Los Angeles…sometimes, moving home is more difficult than moving away.

Total Country Count: +/- 45


If you would like to share your travel experiences or have questions for me, please email me at info@joybeingjoy.com

“We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.”

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