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Sail Croatia

The best way to explore Croatia is by sea. But we couldn’t miss Plitvice Lake, so from Slovenia, we bus-ed down to Plitvice Lake. The national park was a bit out of the way for us and the journey would have been a lot easier if we had a car, but as it were, we stayed as close as possible and walked about a mile just to get to the lake. Plitvice was well worth the trek. It is actually composed of 16 lakes that cascades into one another creating an upper and lower lake.  If you only have one day, do just the lower hike. But if you’re truly ambitious, you can probably see both lower and upper lake in one day. It would have been amazing if I could have taken a dip in the clear turquoise water, but by preventing swimming, the national park is preserving the serene nature beauty of this place.

For our sailing adventure on the Adriatic Ocean, we signed up with BusAbout, which I had used earlier the same summer around Italy. It was a bit less costly than other tours, but there are some hidden costs like food and activity that is not covered. With that said, I think this sailing tour is targeted at younger crowd of early 20’s, because we were the oldest on the boat and I would have gladly paid a bit more for comfort and less partying. However, as it were, the tour guide was knowledgeable, energetic, and so much fun! She made the trip amazingly fun and she’s definitely a friend I’d love to travel with in the future, so at least BusAbout hired amazing staff.

The Itinerary- Every morning, we would set-off to another island, stop somewhere on the Adriatic Ocean around lunch for a swim, then head to our destination for the day, where we usually have the rest of afternoon and night time to explore the island! Summer in Croatia is very lively! Almost everywhere we went had parties and local festivals every night!

Split:  Set-off from Split, which is famous for Diocletian’s Palace set in the city center. It continues to astound me that thousands of years ago, human were able to craft such giant yet intricate structures, which are still standing today!

Omis- Hiked up to the pirate fortress!

Makarska- There were tons of local music festivals during summer. We found one in Makarska and ended up dancing with the locals all night long.


Stari Grad- I didn’t know Croatia had wine, but we did a lovely peka dinner and wine tasting in a vineyard as the sun set.

Hvar– The minute we arrived at Hvar, we hiked up the Spanjola Fortress for a grand view of the whole town. Hvar is one of the most popular islands of Croatia and has lots of places to eat and party. We ended up eating at a very romantic restaurant, where the waiters were sooo much fun! As it was custom for Croatians to start and end the meal with rakija (fruit brandy), we ended up taking several shots with the chef and the waiting staff.

Korcula- Marco polo birth place…there’s a cool tower where they bring your drinks up in a barrow as you watch the sunset

Mljet National Park– A great national park where you can bike and swim in water. Since everyone else one our boat just wanted to chill, our tour guide took us to a secret spot! 

Dubrovnik- The last of our tour around Croatia! Be sure to walk along the Ancient Wall and check out the old town! If you’re a fan of Game of Throne, this is the spot for King’s Landing. 

Depending on your age, I would not recommend BusAbout, but I do think that sailing was the best way to see the beauties of Croatia! And this is the perfect time to sail and enjoy summer!