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Fairy tale in Prague

If you are looking for a romantic fairy tale city to go to with your boo, Prague is it! Yes, Paris is also romantic, but it’s over-rated! When I was in Prague, I definitely wanted to be holding hands with someone as I walked through the Old Town Square. I also wanted to sing and dance across the Charles Bridge just like any Disney princess would, but I held myself back.

Around the Old Town Square, there are tons of food stalls at tourist prices, wander far away from there, but be sure to grab a trdelnik! It’s essentially a big warm churro! So YUMMY! Then on top of the hour, go to the Astronomical Clock for the mechanical show.

Of course, in any fairy tale, there has to be a castle! Climb through the windy streets and explore the castle! You’ll also get an amazing view of the whole city.

Now, for you non-romantic people, there are some interesting statues around Prague, like the Giant Alien Babies in Kampa Park. Here’s a few more strange statues described by this blogger.

Lastly, stop by the Lennon Wall, which was created in the 80’s in complaints against the Communist government. When I was there, Beatles songs were being played by a street performer, which truly completed the experience.

BONUS! Looking for another quaint city? Check out Cesky Krumlov! Yes, there is a castle! And yes, it is very romantic! Enjoy a nice meal by the river with the view of castle in sight! My friend and I wandered around town at night and we found this local place with a local band playing. Everyone from children to grandparents were dancing joyously. So we jumped in with the locals and had a great time! Embrace detours! 🙂