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Ljubljana (pronounced Lu-be-yah-nah), Slovenia is my favorite capital and by far the most friendly of any capital that I’ve been to. The town center is very small and very well connected by the bridges, like the Triple Bridge, the Dragon Bridge, and a bridge where you put a lock on with your bae. In the central market, there were tons of fresh produce from fruits to cheese to meat and the local people were friendly, conversational, and in perfect English too. Many told us that they want more visitors to come see their wonderful little country. I just hope that when Ljubljana does become popular, they don’t lose their charm. Plus, dragons exist here, and since I am a dragon (Chinese zodiac), how could I not love this quaint little city!

Day trip to Lake Bled

If you are in Slovenia, you’re most likely here to see the beautiful castle set on Lake Bled. We took the bus there and had a full day of events, but I definitely wished I had stayed in town so that I’d have time to swim in the gorgeous lake. First, we went on a hike to the Vintgar Gorge, which was very scenic and not too touristy! Then we took the boat ride to the island in the middle for a panoramic view of the whole town. You can also take it slow and rent your own canoe. For an stunning viewpoint of the lake, take the Osojnica path, which is about an hour hike up and well worth it. Lastly, Lake Bled is also well known for the Kremsnita Cake, so make sure you get a taste!