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Tour de Espana- Spain

Spain! The last country on my grand tour of Europe! I struggled when making my decision about seeing all of Spain or staying in one city for a few weeks. I ended up checking out a few cities and loving every single one of them, but if I ever had a month off, I’d love to live somewhere in Spain. I think I’d fit in well in Spain…I will eat tapas, siestas everyday, dance the night away, and hopefully, become semi-fluent in Spanish.

Here are some pictures from my trip!


Sagrada Familia..should be done in 2026! I’ve never been so in awe in a church

Park Guell You now have to buy tickets to enter the most famous part of the park, but it is free after dark. Even if you don’t get tickets to go into the lower part, it’s worth walking around the upper part of the park!


Lleida- We met in Mongolia, reunited in Spain, her home country!!! Thanks to this chica, I visited a gorgeous little town in Spain! <3

Granada Two must-do’s in Granada:  1. Alhambra- a great Arabic architectural reminder of Spain’s rough history 2. Watch flamingo performance in a gypsy cave…so much passion!

Seville Cathedral  Fan of Game of Thrones? Check out Alcazar!


Cordoba- Be sure to check out The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, it used to be a mosque and was converted to a cathedral. Another interesting piece of history represented in architecture.

Madrid- La Plaza de Espana…Star Wars- Attack of the Clones was shot here!