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Prehistoric Cave Painting

Not what you would expect to find in Krabi, Thailand, but, nonetheless, definitely a site to see. Than bok Khorani National Park is about an hours drive away from Krabi, where you can go on a kayaking adventure to Lod Cave and see the prehistoric cave paintings!


While kayaking, we passed through mangrove forests, beautiful landscapes and through a cave. It seems like much of this areas used to all be under water. One of the caves we went through was only accessible during low tide.


Lot and Phi Hua To Caves: This is the prehistoric cave painting. Our guid told us that when the cave was first discovered, they actually found human skulls. The cave was never inhabited in, but was used for rituals. There weren’t many paintings and no story lines like I imagined, but it was awesome to explore the cave and look at the limestones and search for paintings. I mentioned that much of the area was underwater and upon entering the cave, I immediately see proof of this. There were seashells on the floor, scattered everywhere and engraved into the ground that we walked on. Amazing!

When I visit places like this, I feel like I am just a tiny speck in the whole history of universe. Hopefully, I am able to leave some kind of mark behind for future race of human to find.