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Paris, France

[08.2015] Before traveling to Paris, I’ve heard stories from friends about how snobby and rude Parisians were, so I was dreading it a little bit. However, my experience was quite pleasant! At a restaurants that did not have English menu, the waiter patiently showed us pictures of food on his phone. I think as long as you greet them in French, “Bonjour”, they’re nice to you.

Paris is similar to Rome in that there are so many monuments and sites, if it’s your first time, you’ll be busy running around the city trying to see them all. I wish I had more time there, so I could have just enjoyed the beautiful city with my baguette, wine, and cheese.

View from the top of Eiffel Tower

Sacre Coeur

I also stopped in Nice, which is very nice! A bit touristy, but nice.

Paris is always a good idea…

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