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Galway, Ireland

[05.2017] Funny story about my pub experience in Galway *pictures unrelated to the story*:

While out in Galway, we found a pub with live music, specifically a fiddler group, because we are in Ireland after-all. Everyone in the pub was super friendly and everyone was dancing, just like how you see it in a movie. So much like a movie, that I was lifted and swung around a few times while dancing!

Then…I made eye contact with the very cute fiddler. He looked at me, then looked down at the stool in front of him, then back at me….which left me VERY confused. On the stool, was a piece of rosin (the wax used for the violin bow). I still had no idea what I was supposed to do with the rosin. So I kept an eye on any interactions between the fiddler and the rosin. Another girl, went up, grabbed the rosin and waxed the bow for the fiddler! Then it finally clicked for me! It was his move or maybe just an Irish thing? I’ve asked my Irish friends about it since and still have not received any explanation about it. So if you have experience like mine, please share with me!


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