Who saved who?

[09.2015] Diverting from the norm of my travels…

When I first moved back to Los Angeles, an important thing happened! Miya came into my life! My family had been talking about getting a dog for a while and when I got home, there was a dog bed! I got really excited, but was told that I would be the one to find the dog. So I set off on a mission of visiting various shelters to find a dog.

We ended up adopting this cutie here from Westside German Shepherd shelter! We renamed her to Miya (since the shelter didn’t know her real name), which she actually responded to, but I wonder if she ever hears the name and thinks, “but that’s not my real name!”.

She’s a small German Shepherd, but still a big dog in general! She has way too much energy, which has really improved our family’s health because we hike a lot now.

There are so many dogs in shelters that need good homes, and while we rescued her from the shelter, she has really created a stronger bond for our family. <3