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[Day 12] Chasing waterfall in Costa Rica

[04.2016] Brother Sister trip to Costa Rica! [awkward side note- since we do not look related, people always think we’re a couple, which leads to some silly and awkward conversations!]

If you’re into outdoor activities, Costa Rica is the country for you! In La Fortuna, we did a day of waterfall rappelling and rafting with Desafio . It was such a thrilling day! 

I didn’t quite know what was happening here at first, bc one of the guides literally used his body to block the water flow, by that, I mean, he laid in the middle of the stream to hold the water back. Then the other guide what us sit here for the water to be released! The force was strong but manageable! At least for my brother…I may have been blown away.

Here’s us doing REALLY well! The one thought it my head was, “don’t fall out! You’ll hit your head and DIE”, which thankfully didn’t happen. 

But then this happened! We got trapped by the rocks and the raft flooded.

This was just one day of our trip! But Costa Rica is my first Latin America country and it’s probably one of the easiest ones to go to, because the people are just so genuine and friendly. We were able to get by with just basic Spanish. There’s so much more to Costa Rica that I’ll share in some other posts!

Pura vida!

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