Bucket List

Hello 2018!!!

I’ve revamped Joy Being Joy!!!

To honor this special moment, I will be sharing some of my favorite adventures for the next 30 days! So be sure to follow along!

For me, 2018 is about:

  1.  “Acting” as opposed to “reacting”.
    • I will take control of my life! Instead of trying to put out fires, I’m going to be starting the fire! [This is obviously a metaphor, as someone who lives in Southern California, fires are no joke!]
  2. Be Present 
    • Live in the moment! I will put my phone down! I will stress less about the past or the future. As they say, smell the roses!
  3. Appreciate
    • Don’t take the little things [or even the big things] for granted! Everyone speaks and thinks differently, and their act of kindness is different!The people in your life are there for a reason. Find the commonality and appreciate!

Now, lets go kick some butts 2018!


**With switching the hosting services, I’ve lost majority of the pictures in my previous posts. I’ll be slowly digging through my hard drives to get them back! REVIVE THE POSTS!**

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