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A truly magical place…Harry Potter Studios

IMG_4762 If you’re a huge Harry Potter nerd like me (and not a muggle), you will love visiting the movie sights around London and Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio! Harry Potter books and movies were literally my childhood and I was giddy with glee.

I highly recommend going to Warner Bros’ Harry Potter studio! Not only is it a magical experience, but you truly see all the heart and soul that went into making the movie. There are different sets from the movies and interactive sections, where you can fly on a broomstick or drink some butter-beer. The studio is a bit out of the way, but if you go to Watford Junction, the studio offers a direct shuttle.

Of course, at the Kings Cross Station, you can visit Platform 9 ¾ , which unfortunately, is not between 9 and 10. But, there is a lovely store for all your Harry Potter goodies! The best part of visiting the station, is the man who will make your scarf look like it’s flying in the picture, and then tell you how fabulous your picture was. I think he has the best job in the world!

Piccadilly Square

Some other sights I visited in London was Piccadilly Square, where Harry, Ron, and Hermonie tried to hide from the death eaters in book 7. Also the Millennium Bridge which collapsed during the death eater attack.

BONUS: If you visit Edinburgh, Scotland, stop by The Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books. Check out the graveyard nearby to find some names of characters from the book.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour:
Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden,
Hertfordshire WD25 7LR, United Kingdom
£33 for Adults (2015)