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Skytrekr Europe 2015

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Hello!!! Sorry for being MIA for so long! I’ve been traveling around Europe for the last 4 months and barely opened my laptop (which was kind of awesome). I was all about skytrekking! What does skytrekking mean? It means being in the moment! The sky’s the limit and we want to see everything (one day)!!! My skytrkr accomplice, Fee, traveled with me to Mongolia as well as various parts of Central Europe. You’ll see her in many of my posts.

Here are some pictures as a sneak preview! Check back to hear about my travel stories, tips for each spot, and more pictures! ūüôā

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My itinerary:
April 23-30: England (Bath, Stonehenge, Harry Potter World!)
April 30- May 4: Ireland (Cliffs of Moher)
May 4-8: Scotland (Edinburgh, Loche Ness, Isle of Skye)
May 8- 10: London, England
May 10-  13: Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 13- 26: Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Munich- Neuschwanstein Castle)
May 26- June 16: Italy (Venice, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Pompei, Sorrentos, Capri), Vatican
June 16- 19: Nice, France/ Monaco
June 19- 23: Lauterbrennan, Switzerland/ Liechtenstein
June 23- 28: Czech Republic (Prague, Cesky Kromlov)
June 28- July 4: Austria (Vienna, Salzburg- Eagle’s Nest)
July 4- 8: Budapest, Hungary
July 8- 11: Slovenia (Ljubljana, Lake Bled)
July 11- 23: Croatia (Plitvice Lake, Split to Dubrovnik cruise)
July 23-27: Brussels, Belgium
July 27- Aug 1: Paris, France/ Mont St. Michel
Aug 2- 17: Spain (Barcelona, Lleda, Boi, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Madrid)