Food for Thought, Life as an Expat

Singapore is a “fine city”

Having lived in Singapore for a while now, it really is a rule-bound society. There are signs and posters everywhere with things you should or should not do and things to look out for. I guess this is what keeps Singapore so safe. It also reminds you, they are always watching! :p

Here are some pictures of signs that I have collected.

In the MRT. I especially like the “No durians” one.

Since Singapore was colonized by British, they are left handed here. But while they want you to stand on the left, the escalator (often times) are actually on the right, which becomes very confusing for me.

Signs about what the signs mean…

Signs I came across while in nature. I would say hiking, but it’s more like walking on paved path.

In the four official languages of Singapore.

and a cute comic about what happens if you feed the monkeys!

In the taxi

On the back of a truck

For another discussion, Singapore government’s propaganda! It’s also everywhere, movie previews, buses, and the HDB’s!

         Ah Long (Singlish) = Loan Shark. The government is here to help!