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Good-bye Bay Area!

It has been a short, but very sweet three month in the Bay Area!
I moved up to the Bay without planning to and I am also moving away without much planning. Life’s funny like that, but when amazing opportunities comes, you take a chance, and usually, amazing things happen!


– SF is like a college city for professionals.
– you can walk almost anywhere in the city, it’s only 7×7.
– Don’t go in to the tenderloins, especially at night.
– A lot of the times, the city will be foggy or rainy, but that doesn’t stop people from being outside.
– Hippies, yuppies, foodies, etc…all part of SF culture
– beautiful scenic hikes along the beach.
– ratio of men:women is about 7:3 in San Jose.
– there are free events, festivals or parade almost every weekend.
– brunch is very big here.
– lots of trash cans for sorting the trash.
– great options for vegan/vegetarians at most restaurants.
– lots of people who are tech savvy or very entrepreneur minded.
– very prideful of their teams, like the Giant and 49ers.
– This one is true for both NorCal and SoCal, which is I think is the reason California is the best state ever: Nature and city life is both very easily accessible. Hiking/beach/snow in the morning and drinks at fancy bar at night! Only in Cali! <3


My favorite things about SF: A perfect day in SF would be to grab brunch around 11, some place with an amazing view of the city or the Golden Gate Bridge with friends. Then after brunch slowly wonder over to one of the numerous parks scattered throughout the city for some tanning and game time. Bocce anyone? That’s it. A perfect, relaxing and bonding day with friends. 🙂


I have made some great new friends and re-kindled many old friendships and am leaving with amazing memories!

Good-bye SF! I’ll be back one day….maybe?

Next Stop: Singapore.

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