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Universal Studios- Hollywood

Universal Studios- Hollywood is one of the many theme parks in Southern California and it is also a working studio. This year, they have the “Buy a day, Get 2013 Free” for $80. What a deal compared to Disney. If you live in Southern California and can go 2-3 times, you will definitely get your money’s worth. However, you can expect to spend at least $15 on parking each time you visit and more for food and drinks. Guess that’s how they make their money back.


Right now, the park is decked out in holiday decorations! Super cute, there’s a place to play with fake snow, take pictures with the Grinch, and carolers singing on the streets!


Here’s the Grinch with the Who’s singing in the backlot of Universal on the Studio Tour. The Studio Tour is probably one of my favorite attractions at the park. They’ve recently added a 3-D King Kong section to the tour, which has amazing graphics and feels very interactive! It feels like you’ve been sent to Skull Island. No pictures of it, because it is in 3-D, but here are some other pictures from the backlot.

War of the Worlds- plane crash scene


The Fast and the Furious- Tokyo Drift

As for rides, my favorite would be the Jurassic Park, but if you’re looking for lots of roller coasters, you would be better off going to Knott’s or 6 Flags. Universal Studio’s attractions are more focused on the movies, so tons of different shows. Oh, but the trick to skip the 40 minute wait for the rides is to do the single-rider line, but be prepared to be split up!

It’s great to have the year pass, because I don’t feel the need to rush and do everything in one day. There are very few black out dates, so unless it’s a big holiday or break, the weekends are open, which is great for someone working. Since the City Walk is right there, it’s great to go to the park first then go to City Walk for food, movies or concerts. I have already used my pass 3x this year and I will probably stop by a few more times before my year is up! 🙂 Happy Traveling!