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[Day 18] Galway, Ireland

Funny story about my pub experience in Galway *pictures unrelated to the story*: While out in Galway, we found a pub with live music, specifically a fiddler group, because we are in Ireland after-all. Everyone in the pub was super friendly and everyone was dancing, just like how you see it in a movie. So… Read More [Day 18] Galway, Ireland

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[Day 17] London calling

[04.2015] London was my first stop on my Eurotrip. One of my friend was studying abroad there, so my stay was free! Woot! Another thing that’s free? Museums! And England, having colonized many countries, have a great collection! You can see artifacts from around the world! I only went to a couple and next time… Read More [Day 17] London calling

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[Day 7] Ice Cave, Iceland

[03.2017] The landscape of Iceland is so unique…maybe because I don’t go to many cold places. But even in the winter, there are so much to do outdoor- frozen waterfalls, geysir, Golden Triangle, Blue Lagoon, icebergs, and ice cave! I thought the ice cave was so cool, because it forms in cold weather and is… Read More [Day 7] Ice Cave, Iceland