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[Day 12] Chasing waterfall in Costa Rica

[04.2016] Brother Sister trip to Costa Rica! [awkward side note- since we do not look related, people always think we’re a couple, which leads to some silly and awkward conversations!] If you’re into outdoor activities, Costa Rica is the country for you! In La Fortuna, we did a day of waterfall rappelling and rafting with… Read More [Day 12] Chasing waterfall in Costa Rica

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[Day 2] Embera Village, Panama

[11.2017] When I added Panama City as a stopover on my way to Cuba, my only goal was to see the Panama Canal. But, I learned even more about the Panama Canals when the tour guide from Panama Day Trip asked if we’d be interested in seeing the Embera Village where the tribe lived. With the… Read More [Day 2] Embera Village, Panama

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Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Back in April, I booked a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica (2 weeks before travel date) right before I started my new job. Fortunately, my brother was free, so I dragged him along! Brother sister #yangcation!!! Except for the awkward part where everyone thinks we’re a couple bc we look nothing alike! :p I absolutely loved… Read More Pura Vida in Costa Rica