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[Day 19] Women’s March LA

[Today- 01.20.2018] We march to raise awareness. We march to create transformative social change. We march to voice our discontent. We march for equality. We march for the rights to our own body. We march for immigrant rights. We march for the future. We march for human rights. It was inspiring to see all the… Read More [Day 19] Women’s March LA

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[Day 12] Chasing waterfall in Costa Rica

[04.2016] Brother Sister trip to Costa Rica! [awkward side note- since we do not look related, people always think we’re a couple, which leads to some silly and awkward conversations!] If you’re into outdoor activities, Costa Rica is the country for you! In La Fortuna, we did a day of waterfall rappelling and rafting with… Read More [Day 12] Chasing waterfall in Costa Rica

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[Day 11] Malibu Wine, California

[06.2016] I love California, because there’s so much to discover! I grew up here and there’s always new things to do. You want city, there’s downtown LA and all the entertainment shows, concerts, sports possible. You want food, there’s a wide diversity of food from anywhere in the world. You want outdoor, there’s the beach,… Read More [Day 11] Malibu Wine, California