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Southeast Asia Ranked

I honestly believe that every country has something unique and special about it, which is why I hate the question, “What was your favorite country?”. The experience for each country is very different, and therefore, it is hard to compare them. But, if I absolutely had to rank the Southeast Asia countries, here they are. Not… Read More Southeast Asia Ranked

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Krabi, Thailand

There’s nothing that I love to do more than lounging by the pool engrossed in a good book, clear blue sky and the gentle sway of the ocean to take you away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.  Just an one hour and thirty minute flight from Singapore and I’m in paradise. We chose to stay… Read More Krabi, Thailand

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Nepal & Thailand Itinerary

[Travel- Plane] Singapore 7AM –>Kuala Lumpar 2PM–> Kathmandu 5PM Day 2- April 18: Day of temples Boudharath Pashupartinath Patan Square Dubar Square Swayambhu Day 3- April 19: To Pokhara [Travel- Bus] Kathmandu 7AM –> Pokhara 4PM Sunset at Phewa lake Day 4- April 20: Top of the World Morning sunrise at Sarangkot Guphe Cave and Davies Waterfall Paragliding… Read More Nepal & Thailand Itinerary

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Stay Tuned!

Back from an amazing, stunning, awesome, marvelous, incredible, spectacular, wonderful, fabulous, breathtaking, phenomenal, vacation to Nepal and Thailand with the best friend! Here’s her summary of the trip in pic form! Stay tuned for more pictures and posts! 😀 Also, check out some of my pics from the trip on my FB page!