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[Day 2] Embera Village, Panama

[11.2017] When I added Panama City as a stopover on my way to Cuba, my only goal was to see the Panama Canal. But, I learned even more about the Panama Canals when the tour guide from Panama Day Trip asked if we’d be interested in seeing the Embera Village where the tribe lived. With the… Read More [Day 2] Embera Village, Panama

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[Day 1] Havana, Cuba

Car [12.2017] Our last day in Cuba, we explored Havana with Pedro in his 1953- Ford Victoria! Yes, this is super touristy, but it is also what makes Cuba unique. Due to the import restricts since the 50’s, Cubans had to make do with what they have. So they maintained and fixed up what they… Read More [Day 1] Havana, Cuba

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My 5 Favorite Temples in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a magical place unlike any other in South East Asia.  From it’s stunning beaches boasting some of the best surfing spots in the world, to mystical temples surrounded by lush gardens, delectable and creative cuisine to it’s local artists working across all types of mediums it’s no wonder that many who travel here instantly fall in… Read More My 5 Favorite Temples in Bali, Indonesia

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Day of Temples: Kathmandu, Nepal

The journey begins in the Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. Our helpful hostel hosts, the Elbrus brothers arranged transportations to the hot spots of Kathmandu. As the only Hindu majority country in the world and the birth place of Buddha, Nepal is strongly influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism. The most amazing part about visiting these religious… Read More Day of Temples: Kathmandu, Nepal

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Nepal & Thailand Itinerary

[Travel- Plane] Singapore 7AM –>Kuala Lumpar 2PM–> Kathmandu 5PM Day 2- April 18: Day of temples Boudharath Pashupartinath Patan Square Dubar Square Swayambhu Day 3- April 19: To Pokhara [Travel- Bus] Kathmandu 7AM –> Pokhara 4PM Sunset at Phewa lake Day 4- April 20: Top of the World Morning sunrise at Sarangkot Guphe Cave and Davies Waterfall Paragliding… Read More Nepal & Thailand Itinerary