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[Day 7] Ice Cave, Iceland

[03.2017] The landscape of Iceland is so unique…maybe because I don’t go to many cold places. But even in the winter, there are so much to do outdoor- frozen waterfalls, geysir, Golden Triangle, Blue Lagoon, icebergs, and ice cave! I thought the ice cave was so cool, because it forms in cold weather and is… Read More [Day 7] Ice Cave, Iceland

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[Day 1] Havana, Cuba

Car [12.2017] Our last day in Cuba, we explored Havana with Pedro in his 1953- Ford Victoria! Yes, this is super touristy, but it is also what makes Cuba unique. Due to the import restricts since the 50’s, Cubans had to make do with what they have. So they maintained and fixed up what they… Read More [Day 1] Havana, Cuba

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Neuschwanstein- a Cinderella story

When I think of Germany, I think of Oktoberfest and the Cinderella Castle, which I found out was actually more Bavarian than German. Bavaria is the southern part of Germany, like Munich, and they  consider themselves different from the rest of Germany. Now, I don’t really understand the difference, maybe it’s cultural or languages or… Read More Neuschwanstein- a Cinderella story

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A truly magical place…Harry Potter Studios

 If you’re a huge Harry Potter nerd like me (and not a muggle), you will love visiting the movie sights around London and Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio! Harry Potter books and movies were literally my childhood and I was giddy with glee. I highly recommend going to Warner Bros’ Harry Potter studio! Not only is it… Read More A truly magical place…Harry Potter Studios