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Cebu, Phillippines – whale-sharking and river-cruising

What could be better than swimming with whale sharks (I’m pretty sure this is where the designers of the hoover handheld vacuum cleaners got their inspiration) and drifting through endless waterfalls in dreamy aqua blue water?  If you’re looking for an escape from it all with out the touristy feel of more popular Boracay, Cebu is an amazing… Read More Cebu, Phillippines – whale-sharking and river-cruising

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How to take a taxi in Mongolia

Hitchhiking is the way of life in Mongolia. Out in the countryside, where there are few cars, everyone seems to stop to help a hitchhiker. This has continued even in the city, Ulaan Bataar. There are few official taxis around and that’s because everyone can be a taxi driver. I think this is where uber… Read More How to take a taxi in Mongolia

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Borobudur, Central Java

This place was recently placed on my bucket list after reading articles of “the best temple sunrise in Asia” and crowned “one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world”.  After this short weekend visit – I completely understand why.  We arrived around noon on Saturday and grabbed a cab to take us from JOG airport… Read More Borobudur, Central Java

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Good-bye, Singapore!

My first few days (Aug 2013) in Singapore at the must-see symbol, the Merlion.  The last 20 months in Singapore has been amazing. I’ve traveled to numerous countries, made so many friends from all over the world, and created countless memories. If someone had asked me in 2010 (which I’m some sure one of the… Read More Good-bye, Singapore!

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Must-do Taipei, Taiwan

I’m honestly surprised that I don’t have any posts on Taiwan. I have a deep love for Taiwan, which may be slightly biased, considering I am Taiwanese (American). BUT, I have met numerous foreigners, who share my love for Taiwan. Since many friends have asked for recommendations of what to do in Taiwan, I will… Read More Must-do Taipei, Taiwan