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Cambodia- Phnom Penh

Our first stop was Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia. Upon checking-in our hostel (10PM), our local friends came to meet us at the hostel. Unfortunately, they had to wait for us downstairs and were suspected by the hostel staffs to be thieves trying to steal something, despite being dressed very fashionably. We came down… Read More Cambodia- Phnom Penh

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Cambodia- Angkor Wat: Large Circuit

Second day of temples, we decided to go further out to see the other, less famous, temples…and it was definitely worth it! Our first stop was the furthest temple on the map (as pointed out by my friend), Banteay Srei- citadel of the women, also known as the “pink” temple. Banteay Srei- One of the most… Read More Cambodia- Angkor Wat: Large Circuit

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Cu Chi Tunnels- Vietnam

The Chu Chi Tunnels were built during the Vietnam War as a mean of survival. The tunnels also included meeting rooms, hospital, kitchen and living quarters. To learn more, go here. The original size of the tunnel entrance. It has been widened for tourists.Since America lost the war, the tour was definitely very anti-American and… Read More Cu Chi Tunnels- Vietnam