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[Day 19] Women’s March LA

[Today- 01.20.2018] We march to raise awareness. We march to create transformative social change. We march to voice our discontent. We march for equality. We march for the rights to our own body. We march for immigrant rights. We march for the future. We march for human rights. It was inspiring to see all the… Read More [Day 19] Women’s March LA

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[Day 1] Havana, Cuba

Car [12.2017] Our last day in Cuba, we explored Havana with Pedro in his 1953- Ford Victoria! Yes, this is super touristy, but it is also what makes Cuba unique. Due to the import restricts since the 50’s, Cubans had to make do with what they have. So they maintained and fixed up what they… Read More [Day 1] Havana, Cuba

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Prehistoric Cave Painting

Not what you would expect to find in Krabi, Thailand, but, nonetheless, definitely a site to see. Than bok Khorani National Park is about an hours drive away from Krabi, where you can go on a kayaking adventure to Lod Cave and see the prehistoric cave paintings!   While kayaking, we passed through mangrove forests, beautiful… Read More Prehistoric Cave Painting

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Cambodia- Phnom Penh

Our first stop was Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia. Upon checking-in our hostel (10PM), our local friends came to meet us at the hostel. Unfortunately, they had to wait for us downstairs and were suspected by the hostel staffs to be thieves trying to steal something, despite being dressed very fashionably. We came down… Read More Cambodia- Phnom Penh