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Cebu, Phillippines – whale-sharking and river-cruising

What could be better than swimming with whale sharks (I’m pretty sure this is where the designers of the hoover handheld vacuum cleaners got their inspiration) and drifting through endless waterfalls in dreamy aqua blue water?  If you’re looking for an escape from it all with out the touristy feel of more popular Boracay, Cebu is an amazing… Read More Cebu, Phillippines – whale-sharking and river-cruising

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Good-bye, Singapore!

My first few days (Aug 2013) in Singapore at the must-see symbol, the Merlion.  The last 20 months in Singapore has been amazing. I’ve traveled to numerous countries, made so many friends from all over the world, and created countless memories. If someone had asked me in 2010 (which I’m some sure one of the… Read More Good-bye, Singapore!

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Happy Birthday, America!

It has been almost one year since moving to Singapore. While there are times that it gets lonely living on your own or not being able to find ranch dressing at the supermarket, there are days like this.   Celebrating America’s Independence Day with amazing friends from all over the world! What a great turnout! Thank… Read More Happy Birthday, America!

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Island hopping in Krabi

We arrived in Krabi with the intention of lying around on the beach and doing absolutely nothing. However, the Ao Nang Beach right across from our hotel, was packed with boats and probably not the best for relaxing. Hence, we join the island hopping tour with all the other tourists. You know the pictures that… Read More Island hopping in Krabi