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Southeast Asia Ranked

I honestly believe that every country has something unique and special about it, which is why I hate the question, “What was your favorite country?”. The experience for each country is very different, and therefore, it is hard to compare them. But, if I absolutely had to rank the Southeast Asia countries, here they are. Not… Read More Southeast Asia Ranked

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Good-bye, Singapore!

My first few days (Aug 2013) in Singapore at the must-see symbol, the Merlion.  The last 20 months in Singapore has been amazing. I’ve traveled to numerous countries, made so many friends from all over the world, and created countless memories. If someone had asked me in 2010 (which I’m some sure one of the… Read More Good-bye, Singapore!

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First impression of Singapore!

Hello Singapore!!! Before coming the Singapore, the two things I heard the most was that Singapore is tiny and that the food is amazing! So the image in my head was that it would be a lot like Hong Kong, lots of skyscrapers with very narrow streets and crowded! However, I was pleasantly surprised to… Read More First impression of Singapore!